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The fees we charge you will depend on:
  • your need
  • which solution you opt for
  • your budget
  • and the price we agree.
  • Our terms of business will vary according to the service or product you choose.

    You may buy:

  • a specific service or product at an agreed fixed price
  • a specific service or product at an agreed daily rate
  • a block of days of service delivery at a reduced rate
  • or a block of hours of service delivery at a reduced rate.
  • We have a great team of HR people and associated professionals, all experts in their specialist fields.
    What clients have said about our consultants and the services they have delivered.
    We'll work closely with you to ensure that we understand your needs.

    After identifying your main issues and requirements we'll help develop an appropriate solution. Then we'll present you with options for its delivery to suit your circumstances and agree an implementation plan with you, including costs and timescales.

    Throughout the delivery of the solution we'll seek feedback from you and fine-tune our methods and processes to fit your requirements.

    To find out more about our fees and terms, contact us here.
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