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Coaching is increasingly used in business to develop people. It's such a powerful development tool because it provides a structure to help people focus on specific goals and helps them stay on track to achieve them.
Our approach to coaching is collaborative - we focus on your agenda and work towards the solution together. To do this we use a variety of developmental tools such as 360 degree feedback and personality profiling , depending on your needs.

The coach acts as an advisor, guide, sounding board and point of feedback, reinforcing self learning. We will support you as you encounter the inevitable frustrations on the way to reaching your goal, whether that's improved performance, greater influence or accelerated career development.

Your coach will work closely with you to ensure he or she understands and responds to your needs. Throughout the coaching process we will seek feedback from you and review progress, fine-tuning our methods to suit your requirements.

Even after the coaching has come to an end, your coach will always be available to help you with your on-going needs.
If you’re considering a career change, our expert counsellors can help.
We can create a training solution tailored to your needs.
We offer a range of specific forms of coaching to answer a wide variety of needs:

Inplacement (Onboarding)
Coaching for executives and senior managers in their first 100 days in a new role to enable rapid transition and effective performance.

Performance coaching and mentoring
Developmental coaching to support managers and professionals fulfil their role effectively through self-awareness and development planning.

High potential coaching and mentoring
Coaching and mentoring for those you identify as high potential staff. It enables them to put their talents to better use and realise their full potential.

Personal brand coaching
Developing your unique selling points to help you make the best use of your skills and increase your personal and organisational effectiveness.

Leadership coaching
Executive coaching to provide a confidential sounding board to business leaders and develop their emotional intelligence, giving them the edge in an ever-changing workplace.

Stress management coaching
Providing a structure for managing stress, with practical everyday tips to help you achieve perspective and enable you to cope better with workplace pressure.

Time management coaching
Improving your personal productivity through simple yet effective strategies and helping you find an ideal work/life balance.

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