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Whether you're an employer or an employee, we can support you to resolve any conflict situation in the workplace. We'll provide you with most appropriate people to help you, whether that's qualified lawyers, HR consultants or mediators.

1. The behaviour and conduct of employees is the most important cause of employment disputes.

2. Bullying or harassment is one of the main causes of dispute and the least likely to be settled internally.

3. An organisation’s success in tackling bullying or harassment at work depends largely on the behaviour of line managers.

4. Staff spend an average of 10.5 days managing disciplinary and grievance cases each year.

5. Managers trained in mediation skills are likely to have fewer disciplinary and grievance cases.

6. An average of 12.8 days each year are spent preparing for employment tribunals – 4 days for line managers, 7.7 days for HR staff and 4.7 days for in-house lawyers.

7. Employment tribunals cost employers an average of £7,484 per year in settling out of court, paying compensation, taking legal advice and recruiting replacements for employees who have left following a dispute.

8. There has been a significant increase in the number of employers turning to HR departments for advice on addressing disputes. The use of external law firms has also increased.

(Source: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development – Managing conflict at work, Survey Report, October 2004)

Our team includes qualified lawyers as well as HR consultants with expertise in all the legal issues that companies face.
If you’re a business making some of its staff redundant or an individual facing a career crossroads, we can help.
Before we take any action we'll form an accurate picture of your current needs. We’ll then help you to decide which type of assistance is most appropriate to meet those needs.

We take a two-pronged approach:

    1. Through training we help companies prevent conflicts escalating. Catching them early helps reduce stress and grievances.

    2. We have a panel of independent mediators who can provide cost effective support to resolve disputes that do occur.

Our consultants are experts in conflict resolution and management, with a particular emphasis on mediation.

We seek to provide the following:

  • identification of root causes not just symptoms
  • practical, workable, relevant and long term solutions
  • beneficial outcomes for all parties
  • improved understanding between people in conflict
  • empowerment of people to solve their own problems
  • Throughout delivery we’ll seek feedback from you and review progress, fine-tuning our methods and processes to fit your requirements.

    When the dispute has been resolved, we’ll still be available to help you with your on-going needs.

    We offer support in the design and implementation of systems to deal with complaints, grievances and other disputes within organisations. Our chief aim is effective early resolution. To find out more, contact us here.

    '‘Mediation is an increasingly useful tool in managing workplace conflict and our research proves companies that train their employees in mediation skills have fewer disciplinary and grievance cases.” (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development – Managing conflict at work, Survey Report, October 2004)

    We can provide professional external mediators for the quick and confidential resolution of workplace disputes. We have access to a panel of mediators from a diverse range of backgrounds, including lawyers and non-lawyers. We’ll provide you with the most suitable mediators for your case.

    Mediation can be effective at all stages of a conflict, from the early stages of a grievance right through to settling a dismissal claim out of court. It can prove particularly effective in cases of alleged discrimination.

    For larger companies we can also help establish an internal mediation scheme.

    To find out more, contact us here.


    We offer a range of off-the shelf training options for HR professionals, directors and line managers.

    Our courses include training for line managers to give them the skills to spot the conflicts and the confidence to deal with them effectively. We also offer training for HR and senior managers designed to give them mediation skills and a structure to help them deal with grievances and disputes internally. This can dramatically reduce the time and expense of tribunal claims.

    Training themes include:

  • dealing with stress
  • assertiveness
  • managing difficult people
  • managing difficult people
  • dealing effectively with complaints
  • effective delegation and supervision
  • and facilitation.


    Courses range from introductory workshops of two hours to a full day, through to three-day skills development courses, and six-day mediator training courses.

    We’ll tailor the duration, as well as the content, of our courses to your needs and existing resources.

    To find out more, contact us here.

    If your conflict can’t be resolved satisfactorily without going to tribunal, we can assist with preparation and representation. contact us here to find out more.
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