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A good working environment is a vital element in creating a happy, productive team.
Whether you’re planning a simple office refurbishment, rethinking the way you use your current space, or relocating completely, we can help. We’ll liaise between key members of your team and external suppliers to ensure that the whole project runs smoothly and efficiently.

We'll work closely with you to form an accurate picture of your workspace needs, both for now and in the foreseeable future. Then we'll draw up a project brief, detailing your requirements and the aims and challenges involved.

We’ll carry out a space evaluation to gauge the space you need. To do this we'll take into account your existing working methods and storage requirements, plus your overall business objectives and predicted changes in staff levels and office culture.

If you’re relocating, we'll help you locate the ideal premises.

During the project, we’ll continually seek feedback from you to ensure that we’re delivering what you need. Once the project is complete we’ll always be there to help you with any on-going needs.
Our experienced change agents can help you with all your change management needs.
Whether you’re seeking to fill a junior position or a senior director role, we can help.
We’ll work with you to help you make informed decisions about your workspace.

Perhaps you're unsure whether to refurbish or relocate. Or maybe you're struggling to picture how much space you're going to need and what you can afford. We’ll give you the information you need to make these decisions with confidence.
An office move doesn’t need to cause upheaval in your business. Our office relocation consultants will oversee the smooth transfer of your workplace and people, so the running of your organisation remains blissfully unaffected.

We’ll handle all the planning for you and manage the movement of staff, furniture and equipment in seamless phases. Your clients need never know you're moving until you send them a change of address card.

To find out more, contact us here .
If you’re planning to stay where you are but want to use the space more effectively, our consultants can help.

Does your office space feel tired? Or are you struggling to accommodate an expanding team? With careful space planning, we can enhance and often enlarge your existing workplace. This may involve a combination of the following:

  • detailed site surveys
  • office space design
  • office layout design
  • floor plans
  • block plans
  • furniture recommendations
  • feasibility evaluation
  • and budget control.

  • Liaising between you and our team of designers, we’ll come up with a design that answers your needs in terms of look, feel and functionality.

    To find out more, contact us here.
    Our team includes consultants specialising in office layout, interior design and floor plan design.

    We can transform your current space into a modern, ergonomically designed working environment that will energise your staff and impress your clients.

    You'll soon start to see the results.
    We're here to make your life easier.

    We’ll appoint a project manager for you who will run the entire office fit-out project for you and provide a single point of contact. This leaves you free to concentrate on managing your workforce rather than your contractors.
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