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Whether you're a business that is making some of its staff redundant, or an individual facing a career crossroads, we can help.
If your company is making people redundant and would like to provide support and counselling for them, we can offer you the following options:

1. A group package for all your affected staff, tailored to your business requirements and budget. Individuals who participate in a group package will receive a mix of one-to-one and group based outplacement support and counselling.
2. An individually tailored service for each of your affected staff. In this case, each individual will receive all support and counselling on a one-to-one basis.

You may opt for a group package for the majority of staff while nominating certain employees for the individually tailored service.

If you'd like to discuss your outplacement requirements, please contact us here.
Our legal team can support you with professional and practical employment law advice.
Our team of lawyers are highly experienced in helping employers and employees prepare for tribunals.
Many of us find change hard to deal with. At least if the decision and timing are under your control, you hold the initiative. But when you're made redundant, change is forced upon you and the effect can be deeply felt.

At a time like this, professional advice can be invaluable.

One of our outplacement advisors could help you:

  • assess your own skills and abilities and see them as others would
  • explore your future options
  • and project yourself more effectively.

  • Working with one of our consultants could give you back the initiative and put you back in charge of your career.

    If you'd like to discuss your personal outplacement needs with us, please contact us here.
    We take a flexible approach to meet the needs of both corporate and individual clients, providing practical guidance, perspective and direction. The scope, length and depth of each programme can be tailored to the circumstances and the sessions can take place wherever works best for all concerned.

    The service is available in two formats:

  • full service - a full counselling programme tailored to meet the needs of the individual, backed up by additional support including secretarial and research facilities where necessary
  • modular - this format allows you to choose from a number of modules to meet your needs.

    Like any other reputable outplacement service, we make no guarantees of a new job at the end of the process. However we guarantee to provide the knowledge, methodology and frame of mind to move forward positively.

    Throughout an outplacement programme we seek feedback and review progress, adjusting the programme if necessary. We stay in touch and keep up with progress, offering support when it's needed, even once a new position has been found.
    The following options can be incorporated into a programme of personal or group outplacement or career coaching:

    Know yourself
    Self-assessment is not always easy. It's hard to look at your own strengths and weaknesses dispassionately and even harder to view them as others would. We'll help you review your skills and aptitudes as a prospective employer. The review is concluded with personal feedback, counselling on how to improve weak spots, and a full written report. Armed with this knowledge, you'll know how best to present yourself by letter and in face-to-face interviews.

    Know your financial position
    The immediate financial implications of a sudden redundancy can be extremely distressing and this can impair you judgement about plans for the immediate future. Our experienced independent financial consultants will guide you through your personal balance sheet and help you make crucial decisions like whether to reduce or delay mortgage repayments, or sell or retain assets.

    Organising yourself and your time
    Productive use of your time is essential. Too often we see clients devoting large amounts of time to relatively trivial tasks 'just to keep busy', when they could be using the same time more productively in achieving their goal of starting a new career. With this in mind, we'll help you assess tasks, prioritise them, and give yourself goals and timescales. You'll be just as busy, but more productive.

    Reviewing your future
    Sometimes it can be hard to assess your own prospects. Under-ambition can be as much a problem as over ambition. We'll help you arrive at a realistic assessment of your prospects - the type of employment and employer best suited to you and the feasibility of securing the optimum position. We also examine in detail the merits and viability of you starting your own business.

    Implementing and reviewing your plans
    Once you have decided on a strategy for securing your new career, we can help you form a plan to implement it - the actions you need to take, and the order in which to do them. Most importantly, we'll help you review and assess your strategy and plans as they progress and modify them where necessary.

    Researching the job
    For key appointments in larger organisations, nothing impresses more than a candidate who has done their homework. A keen appreciation of the business and its competition, product/service range and goals not only shows your interest in securing the job, but also your thoroughness of approach. These are qualities a prospective employer will rate highly.

    We can show you where to look for this information, and how best to use it.

      Marketing yourself
    To help you market yourself we'll help you with the content, design and presentation of your CV, as well as the drafting of suitable accompanying letters to help you get to the interview stage.

    We also offer personal marketing workshops.
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