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In addition to our consultancy services we offer a complementary range of HR products.
Using Youmanage could dramatically improve the quality and effectiveness of your organisation's people management processes.

This customisable, on-demand software enables line managers to manage more effectively and gives HR departments and senior executives greater visibility and control over how the organisation is performing.

To find out more or for a free demo, contact us here.
This online HR software is a great alternative for smaller companies with a restricted budget. You access the service via the internet using your own personal password.

The primary benefits of using Peoplestuffonline are:

  • all your staff policies, procedures and practices will be compliant with employment legislation and bang up to date
  • you will have a fully comprehensive library of staff documents from recruitment to exit
  • your managers will have guidelines on how to deal with the most common staff issues
  • you will have a straightforward, user friendly employee database for your staff records and management of your staff
  • you can choose the level of service to meet your needs.

    To find out more or for a free demo, contact us here.

    We can also help you with:

  • performance appraisal systems
  • employee surveys
  • customer surveys
  • Improve your team's ability to set and achieve strategic goals.
    Our experts can help you with all reward matters, from company cars to pension schemes.
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