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All businesses, whatever their shape or size, face people problems and challenges from time to time.

Please click any of the following statements that apply to your organisation at the moment:

  • Absenteeism is growing
  • We need an appraisal system
  • Communications could be improved
  • A dispute is looking likely
  • A grievance has been taken out
  • We don't have an HR department
  • We're changing location
  • Misconduct is an issue
  • Morale is low
  • Poor performance is an issue
  • We need to recruit someone
  • We're planning a reorganisation
  • Skill gaps are developing
  • Staff turnover is increasing
  • Teamwork is poor
  • If you're a new or developing company, we can help with all your HR needs as you grow.
    We provide a comprehensive HR service for larger companies.
    Everyone, whatever their role, occasionally faces challenges and difficulties at work.

    Please click any of the following statements that apply to you at the moment:

  • My boss is bullying me
  • I'm considering changing careers
  • My manager discriminates against me
  • My company has no HR department and I need some expert advice
  • I recently started a new job and would benefit from some transition coaching
  • I've recently been promoted and I need some management training
  • I've recently been made redundant
  • My company is relocating and I don't want to move with them
  • My company is reorganising and my position is at risk
  • I was recently unfairly dismissed and want to take the company to tribunal
  • I'm unhappy in my current role
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